An angry customer yells into a phone because his Google Ads landing pages were down

Why You Should Monitor Your Google Ads Landing Pages

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Are you monitoring the status of the landing pages in your Google Ads campaigns?

Here’s a real-life story: A Google Ads marketing agency, let’s call them “Agency X”, runs ad campaigns for dozens of businesses. They’re a small yet efficient team. They each juggle their many clients and responsibilities throughout the week, and they do it well.

One day, the ads manager gets a call from one of their longtime clients. The client is upset because he wanted to see how his ads were doing, and clicked on one of his own ads. Instead of his newly designed landing page, he sees this:

404 Not Found

The landing page was down for more than 36 hours, leading to thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend and lost customers.


Agency X just didn’t have the manpower to check all of their campaigns, ads, and landing pages daily, nor did they have an automated monitoring solution in place.

The lesson? Use an automated monitoring service to watch your landing pages so that you can act quickly if one goes down.

Your clients trust you to run Google Ads on their behalf. Don’t let them down by making Agency X’s mistake.

Here are three reasons why you should monitor your Google Ads landing pages:

1. Wasted Ad Spend and Lost Customers

Google doesn’t know or care if the landing pages that your ads link to are broken. They will continue to happily send customers to pages that are misconfigured or unavailable altogether. You’re still paying for those clicks.

When your landing pages are down, you are also losing potential customers. Customers that would have converted may never click on your ad again, and move on to your competitors.

2. Broken Pages = Broken Trust

Although it may not be your responsibility to keep your client’s website running, broken landing pages reflect poorly on you too. A client may question “whether you even checked the ads you are running.”

Running ads to broken pages looks sloppy and affects the trust and confidence that your clients have in you to run their ads.

3. Brand Damage

Imagine that you are walking through a town and you see a shop that you’d like to check out. As you approach the storefront, you see there is an “open” sign, but the lights are off one of the windows is broken. Would you shop there?

It’s the same with broken landing pages.

When a customer clicks on an ad and is taken to a broken landing page, it damages your brand.

Customers may conclude that you are not attentive, lack attention to detail, or even that you are out of business altogether.

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